Profile: Gilly Goldsworthy

After a lifetime of wanting to, Gilly put aside her fears and picked up the pen seven years ago. She studied creative writing with both the Open University and the Open College of the Arts, but believes that the only real way to learn to write, is to write. So she writes short stories, and has a real passion for travel writing. She has been working on her first novel, a contemporary version of an African myth, for quite some time. Gilly loves observing people and places, rarely missing a detail, either with her eyes or her camera. She blogs at Lucid Gypsy, where she regularly uses her own photos to inspire her poetry, including the Japanese short forms of haiku and tanka.

The Lucid Gypsy blog is an eclectic mix; there are some short stories, poems, photography, etc., which can be found by clicking on the tag cloud to the right on each page.

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