Profile: Robert Joyce

Name: you can call me Al

Areas of writing: cyclical redundancy, lassitude-restricted thin-atmosphere dross remining.

Genres: metafiction; sloth.

Style: possibly something between Daniel Spoerri’s Annotated Topography of Chance and Bishop Berkeley, with a sprinkling of Nicholson Baker. In turns discursive and abrupt, I try to set readers and writer at play on a level playing-field.

Biography: Long-time Exeter resident, via Huddersfield and SE London. Jacob Kramer College, Leeds Polytechnic, Goldsmith’s College (New X), University of Plymouth. Sometime teacher, latterly working in Law publishing. Member of Arthaven Visual Artists’ Group.

wordcentral: Joined wordcentral before he knew it would be a long sentence.

Pet passion: Not crazy about cats. Has two cats.

dislikes – hyphens; semi-colons. Full stops

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